Writing: Do you need press releases, web content, business documents, ebooks, articles, newsletters or catalog copy that will increase your business’s visibility? Submitting press releases and articles to local media can put your business and services in the spotlight.

Editing: Do you have your own articles, ebooks, manuscripts, web content, newsletters or business documents that need polishing and finesse? With editing services, pieces can be reworked into compelling content to help draw in customers.

Proofreading: Ever feel like you have good copy, but need a professional’s opinion? Different from editing, proofreading takes a look at written pieces to determine proper grammar, capitalization and spacing in business documents, articles, manuscripts, menus and brochures.

Researching: Have you lost your way in a sea of information? Give me the parameters of your project and allow me to find the nuggets of info needed to create personal or business histories, detailed instruction manuals, compelling content for your business site or any other written document imaginable.

Formats available: Press releases, topical articles, personal or business histories, business and technical documents, instruction manuals, manuscripts and ebooks, web content and newsletters. Each project is completed to your specifications.

Ready to begin? Kindly email me with your project description and expected completion date, as well as your name, address, phone number and email address.


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