Outdoor Concrete Services – Press Release

Contact: Randall Petty
Cell: 386-855-2012
Email: OutdoorConcreteServices@gmail.com

Jasper, FL – January 15, 2011: Have you ever walked across a concrete patio and despised the way it felt on your bare feet? Many people believe that concrete is a rough surface, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Using a contractor who knows how to properly finish concrete will ensure that your project withstands normal weather and traffic for years to come.

“Smooth finished concrete is simply better than a textured finish. The pores of the concrete are sealed up, so it repels oil and grime, making it ideal for any level of traffic,” says Randall Petty, owner of Outdoor Concrete Services, located in Hamilton County. “It just all depends on how the concrete is finished.”

Customers often don’t realize the importance of the concrete in their projects. “This is a situation where clients have great expectations for their finished projects. If the contractor they choose doesn’t go through the correct procedures, they could find themselves going through the whole ordeal again in a few years,” explains Petty.

Traveling throughout Hamilton, Suwannee, Columbia and Madison counties, Petty undertakes a variety of projects, including driveways, sidewalks, patios and slabs for portable buildings. Each job includes site preparation, steel reinforcements, cold cutting and cleanup of the area surrounding the four-inch slab.

The employees at Outdoor Concrete Services are skilled at executing concrete projects, from the pouring of the concrete all the way down to minor details that many contractors overlook. “Using the finishing machine is what really does it for us. Clients enjoy being able to relax on their patio in their bare feet,” claims Petty as he shows off the slab for a portable building.

“It’s been over a year and we haven’t had any cracks in this slab like we have our others,” says one client. “I drive my truck into that building every day.” Pouring a slab under a portable building adds an extra level of protection, “something we should always be mindful of in Florida,” notes Petty.

In addition to handling outdoor concrete projects, Outdoor Concrete Services assists homeowners who are of the DIY mindset. With a quick informational phone call, they can understand the options for their project, receive an estimate and make the best decision concerning their homes.

For more information, questions or a quote, please contact Randall Petty at 386-855-2012 or email OutdoorConcreteServices@gmail.com.


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